In Defense of a Dragon

In Defense of a Dragon was created for Ludum Dare 38, and like Speed Kills, it was written in a language I’d never used before: Go.

The game is a simple tower defense with one type of tower and one type of enemy, a level of simplicity that was chosen because I was using a new language, and because I was otherwise-occupied by life for around 14 of the 48 hours, which would otherwise have been put into the game.

The theme for the jam was “A Small World” and I was trying to for the idea that you start with a tiny little tower defense in what appears to be a small world, but which expands naturally at the end of each wave. To do this I had to be able to automatically generate an interesting path as an extension of the existing one, which I achieved by just generating a dragon curve, hence the game’s title.

The source code is available on github, but keep in mind that it was created in the time-pressured environment of a game jam and as the very first Go code I’ve ever written. Read at own risk. :)