Data structure internals: Hash Tables

 22 Aug 2017

Hash tables: everybody’s favourite way of avoiding the need to search through a list of items. But what goes on inside one? How do we achieve amortized constant time access and insertion and deletion? Well I’m so glad you asked…

JAIR Post-mortem

 26 Mar 2017

Around 3 months ago I started a project to build an infinite runner in my spare time, which I titled “JAIR” (or “Just Another Infinite Runner”), purely for lack of a better idea. Yesterday I finished working on it and so I’ve put up a project page for it here and I thought I’d just write up some notes about how those 3 months went.


 18 Jul 2016
I see you’ve reached my personal site/blog. Great! I hope you enjoy your stay and that you find something of interest to you here. You can find a list of my personal projects here, and hopefully in the near future you’ll be able to find some posts about things that interest me. The site isn’t particularly pretty/interesting at the moment, but I’m working to change that so I hope to see you back here again sometime!